You start as a homeless person in the world, alone and with nothing in hand you have to work your way up to survive.



Land of Zympaia

Deluxe Version


I, Injectware, am the sole developer of the game. For some designs xTagtraeumchen joined my team and now we are working together on the game Land of Zympaia.



In the land of Zympaia, you are thrown into the big wide world as a homeless person without having anything in your hand or pocket. You decide how situations will end for you. Different professions can change your life, so you should consider everything.

The game is a rolling survival game, they have many options such as craft, fishing, inventory, quest, profession, farm, marriage or even a reputation system. The game is currently in the Alpha and many things are still in the planning stage, e.g. the scenes expansion of other areas.

You are welcome to send us ideas, which we can then contribute.

The history of Land of Zympaia

Land of Zympaia Story -DE-

Land of Zympaia Story -US-

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