Land of Zympaia, plans and concept development

I would like to list some things for you here that are planned.

Current game version: 2020.2-1A

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Ressourcen, that is not included in the Alpha.

Item extension, (raw material).

  • coal

  • Wool

  • sand

  • Clay

  • cement

  • limestone

  • ash

  • straw 

  • excrement

  • foul

  • weed

  • Black oil

  • Water


Item extension, (harvest).

  • Sunflower seeds

  • cucumbers

  • Chilli

  • parsley

  • cauliflower

  • spinach

  • pumpkin

  • melon

  • fennel

  • broccoli

Item extension, (building material).

  • Glass

  • brick

  • Metal beams

  • wooden boards

  • fuel

  • nail

  • Wine


The game is in an alpha phase, a lot of things still have to be done, including sound processing of noises, correction of performance losses or correction of errors and much more.

If you don't like the game right now, just come back at another time.

I'd love to see who you guys would help me make this game better.
Send me messages about bugs or suggestions for improvement.

Game Generally, that is not included in the Alpha.

There are still not all the scenes included to include (church inside) some (shop inside)

Some animations are partly cut off, they should run more smoothly.

A very individual key assignment should be created.

  • The animation is partly chopping, this should run smoother.

  • Very individual key assignment should be created.

  • More quests

  • More jobs

  • Education (You can train people)

  • Ravens destroying the harvest by accident.

  • Improved clouds

  • Sequence / gathering quests

  • A greater variety of fish

  • marriage mode

  • spirit Scene

  • world map


Possible Player Improvement

  • animations

  • dynamism

  • assaults

  • sound

  • UI

  • camera


  • metal bearings

  • straw bearings (barn)

  • Storage for tools

  • Controllable fishing boat

  • water-tank

  • bicycle

  • shipyard

  • Fountain

Improvements in or relating to trees

  • stump

  • effects

Further planning and ideas

  • bench

  • Marketplace + Market System

  • animal load + animal care + animal competitions + points system

  • Disease's System + Pharmacy 

  • church 

  • bar

  • Real-time system

  • Calendar

Buildings or crafting structures that have no function yet.

  • Sawmill

  • Chemical Workbench

  • Pinboard

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